The Power Of Video For Business

the power of video

We’ve talked about a few things in this blog over the years ranging from solicitors and how they can help you out of a pickle and how to reduce the stress from moving home (if you’ve been there and done that then you’ll know what we mean).

We’ve given ourselves free reign at this point to talk about something entirely different and that how video affects everyone’s life.

It can be a video to help you with your online marketing or a promotional advert on TV or even corporate training video. This medium has the power to catch the attention of people and keep them fixed to your message in a way that no other channel can. The solicitors who you may have dealt with in the past or the conveyancing company who handled your transactions during the move no doubt caught your attention before you decided to work with them – how did they do it?

Video Is Used By Companies Of All Sizes

Even big high street banks use the power of video, as do smaller companies looking to get a leg up on the ladder of success.

There’s no doubt about it that video can really give your business a boost and we’re here to recommend a video production company in Liverpool called Zut Media (see video production Liverpool or video production Manchester for more information) to you. One of our writers worked with these guys when he was at another company (we won’t embarrass this person by naming them) and the work they did was stunning! He moved to a new company is in the industrial training services market and he is frantically now trying to convince the marketing team that they should be promoting their services with Zut. Previously Zut put together a fantastic short advert that showed exactly what they did and how they can help people looking to train for health and safety, fire safety, CPC driving and a whole host more of things for the other company and the response brought in so many bookings that their courses were booked for months.

Of course this is just a single example and it’s been raised because we knew the person involved but there are lots of success stories where video has been used rather than plain text or images to promote a service or product.

Sales Funnels & Statistic of Video Marketing

sales funnel

Take a look at the typical sales funnel above and now watch the video below and you’ll see what we mean.

Imagine having the power of these statistics dumped straight into that funnel without the requirement to use the services of an IT support company (we recommend Premier IT). Assuming you are a business looking at this whole process from your side of the fence this is a nice and juicy way to attract new potential clients for sure.

On the other hand if you are a consumer then you are a statistic (sorry) who get’s pulled into these funnels in this way (we all are really).

Summary & Conclusion

Video helps sell a message, whether that comes from a product or service. Video’s can help a business get their message across in a way that other marketing mediums cannot. We all benefit from video because the message is clearer and the statistics show that it not only is on the side of busiensses who decide to use it as a marketing tool but also for the consumers who gain from watching them too.

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