The Importance Of First Impressions


We all know that first impressions are very important. When we meet someone new we instinctively try to make a good impression because chances are the person we meet is judging us and making a decision on whether or not they like us based almost entirely on the first impression.

When it comes to selling you home, first impressions are equally important. Often, a potential buyer will have made up their mind whether they are interested in buying the property before they even step through the door. So if your property isn’t making a good first impression then your property is likely to take a long time to sell, and may not fetch the kind of value you are looking for.

The best way to make a good first impression is to make sure the exterior of your home is immaculate, including the external property facias and the garden.

Starting with the house itself, make sure any painted wood is well kept, and give it a coat of paint if necessary. Replace any broken pains of glass and make sure your windows are cleaned and look well maintained. Replacing windows can be very costly and is a major turnoff to buyers if they think they will have to pay for new windows. If your front door is old and rotting then replace. Ideally you want something modern looking and secure such as a composite door.

The next thing you to do is get the garden looking great. A nice looking garden makes an incredible first impression and welcome people into the home. Don’t underestimate the power of a nicely cut lawn and flower beds overflowing with summer flowers.

Make sure any hedges are cut back and don’t look over grown. They seem alright to you, but imagine how someone new will see your garden and their reaction if it’s all overgrown. Likewise with trees, make sure they aren’t overgrown and especially be sure that they don’t block out any light. Trees can grow very big over time and you may not have noticed how large and obstructive they’ve become. For the removal or prunin of a tree you will need the services of a tree surgeon. It can be a little costly to hire a professional tree surgeon, but it’s well worth the cost. Firstly, you certainly don’t want be chopping down trees yourself because of the risks involved. Also, a poorly clipped tree can look worse than an overgrown one. Take the stress out of the situation by using a reputable tree surgeon who will make the tree look like an asset to your garden.


Once you have your trees well maintained, you garden looking great, and made sure physical exterior of the house is looking good then you’re ready to start thinking about the interior. In our next post we’ll bring you some interior design and home improvements that you can easily and cheaply make to transform your home and make it much easier to sell.

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