How Poignant Year Points Affect Marketing

mothers day Liverpool and how to become a driving instructor

Commercial celebrations and similar poignant times of the year affect the marketing campaigns for a range of service industries. I was reading a post tackling the topic of mothers day Liverpool on a local restaurant website recently and it struck me how it was actually a commercial driven post clearly from the restaurant trying to entice people to their restaurant for Mothers Day.

This happens throughout the year – multiple businesses all fight it out for the attention of the often unsuspecting public to sell their wares much like a bustling market place where stall owners try to shout out their prices and special deals to attract the peruses.

But what do we do as property owners?

Our portfolio of commercial and domestic properties have grown over the years and in likewise similarities to the people who entice people in a variety of ways to their services or products we too now compete against other property owners trying to entice our potential customers to pay attention to what we offer.

We have discussed the various ways that we can do this, perhaps by lowering our prices, offering a rent free period etc but it seems that it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to reach a satisfactory USP that enables the Hawortharts Group to stand out amongst the crowd.

The subtleties of creating a USP are often overlooked because good business owners sometimes do it without breaking a sweat simply because they know how to promote their service well. Another article for instance “how to become a driving instructor” from a driving school called Qual’s in Wirral simply offers the advice required for those looking to change their career and be the most helpful resource for the prospect.

Property perhaps could be no different. It could be that we don’t need the USP that my wife and I so often spent hours discussing and in fact all we really need to do is to get in front of the people who are looking in the first place.

This is a short article that hopefully will be the first of many looking at the ways that private landlords market themselves and their company – do they create a USP that is almost too good to be true and win their customers that way or do they simply be the first to the post as it where?

We’re going to try a few tests over the coming months to see which is the more effective solution and we’ll publicly tell you what we’re doing and the results of those ventures.


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