Early in 2014 we noticed that there are plenty of social groups for people involved in the property market here in the UK, often talking about issues they faced from gaining new properties, running of their business and also the marketing aspects of what happens after you are ready to promote your portfolio.

There are a lot of discussion forms, social groups and news items but no site that seems to pull them together into one place. This is what our Hawortharts Group website is about.

The name was previously taken and seemed to belong to the arts group of Haworth but it is also the name of our founding Member Mrs Jane Haworthart and her husband Michael.

We are now a small group of contributors who like to find out the most useful information related to our personal and professional interest in the UK property market. Being landlords and investors ourselves, it is our goal to bring all of the most useful information we can into one site by covering issues related to business and marketing overall. These are our own experiences and you should not take our opinions as facts.

We hope you find this information useful, informative and at time humorous, thank you.